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1,045 Completed Critters and 1,814 Critter Creation Kits

for kids fighting cancer

Cancer Kickin' Critters is a nonprofit created by a kid to bring comfort to children in the hospital fighting cancer. We hand-make stuffed toys and create kits for patients to create their own stuffed animals. These Critters are donated free of charge to children's hospitals around the world and to other organizations serving children with cancer. ​​​

​We hope to provide a rewarding mission for knitters and crocheters to create items of comfort for kids with cancer. Experienced crafters can send us completed toys to bring to the hospital, or knit squares of any size that we turn into kits for cancer patients to create their own bunnies. We can also connect crafters with their local children's hospitals to spread Cancer Kickin' Critters wherever there are kids in treatment.


Our mission is to bring comfort to kids stuck in the hospital fighting cancer and to inform everyone about the effects of childhood cancer on the lives of children, their families and friends.


Our vision is to provide every childhood cancer patient with some small comfort, supply a meaningful outlet for knitters or crocheters to create toys for their local hospital, raise awareness about childhood cancer and increase funding for childhood cancer research.


Our goals are to bring comfort to kids with cancer, to match caring critter makers with kids who need comfort, and raise awareness of childhood cancers to accelerate treatment and ultimately, find a cure.

About Critter Creation Kits:

"I really had fun doing this in my hospital room, it took my mind off my worries"