About Us

Cancer Kickin' Critters is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit created to bring comfort to children in the hospital fighting cancer. We knit and crochet stuffed toys and donate them to children's hospitals.

I'm Noelle Buice, an 20 year old who started knitting toys for children in 2013 when my best friend, Amelia, was diagnosed with lymphoma. I knitted on the long drive to visit her in the hospital to keep my mind occupied during the stressful time and we knitted together during her treatment. Since her bed was quickly overflowing with stuffed animals, we started sharing critters with other patients and quickly expanded to more than 20 partner hospitals. Over a hundred knitters and crocheters from across the country have joined the mission and we've donated more than two thousand critters and kits to kids in treatment. I have been knitting and crocheting since 5th grade, love to share my hobby to help children battling cancer and hope to help others to do the same. I continue to expand the mission of Cancer Kickin' Critters while off at college, while our family is keeping things running at the home office.